DJ JUICE by Artime Joe x Hands In Factory

Check out a new character named "DJ JUICE" - based on the famous DJ Juice himself in South Korea - featured alongside his recently released new album “BEATful Life”!

The character was designed by Graffitti writer Artime Joe and produced by Hands In Factory (TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL) … stay tuned for further product and availability info!

The "JUICE" is represented by "orange juice" here, with the characters' head a half-cut orange, character decked out in black, one hand holding a turntable-deck (if it's removal, it would be fun), and the other hand holding a bottle of juice, and flipping a finger, to the "BEATful Life", perhaps? :p

Meanwhile, scroll down for more snaps, and a MV for “BEATful Life” from DJ Juice (디제이 쥬스) featuring 버벌진트, 넋업샨!

Would be AWESOME if there were a special edition album release with the collectible though! Truth be told, each time I come across a store selling CD albums (*which frankly are exceptionally few and far in between here in Singapore these days) - I’m always on the lookout for CD-packages that come with collectibles, something Asian-based artists like to have haha

(Thanks Uptempo Lee!)