FOXY & XIN One-Off Hand-Paints by Wetworks for Thailand Toy Expo 2017

The “many faces” and multiple one-off painted colorways of FOXY & XIN from Wetworks to be had at Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017) - where he’ll be boothing with MIToys and WHALERABBIT (Booth A5 / Square A) - with any remaining pieces to be offered online after the show.

WHO ARE: FOXY & XIN are original characters created, designed and sculpted by Carlo Andrada Cacho, and made their debut at #STGCC 2016 in a “Gold Edition” (SGD$170 a pair, limited to only 10 sets). Stay connected to Instagram @iamwetworks for pricing info and further updates, leading to TTE 2017.

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BACKSTORY: "Foxy & Xin are the products of a defunct world were the animal kingdom control on what's left to what once called the great "Gaia". Foxy is a moody teenage girl always trying to wreak havoc together with her gang of mischief on their small town. Xin is her personal bodyguard and her muscle when times are tough. The big gentle guy is a rescued panda from a traveling circus of freaks. Together they go out as a "pack" and hits the concrete jungle always looking for some new adventure."