Mandrakes & Copper Creeps by DOKTOR A for #ToyConUK 2017

Doktor A is rolling out a whole slew of awesome-toyness in his infamous steampunk-aesthetics for the coming ToyCon UK, and THIS is the post to help you plan your spending money! *SCROLL THRU to view!

This year’s 5th Toycon UK will happen on the weekend of 29th & 30th April, at York Hall in Bethnal Green London, where Doktor A will be helming his own booth. Stay connected to his Instagram @doktor_a for further updates!

Also note that any remaining items after the show will be available through his online store.

A new colorway of his “MANDRAKE” sofubi kaiju toy made with Toy Art Gallery! Only 5 sets have been made in this edition, featuring a “straw body” with an olive green rub and copper eyes and fades. Priced at £65 a set, we finally know their names! (Or at least I do, now): “BOSCASTLE” and his little busy “TUBOR” - the Roots of all Evil!

COPPER CREEPS Series 4 will debut at ToyCon UK - featuring two new characters, named “The Phantom” (mythic haunter of the Opera house), and “The Gillman” denizen of fetid swampland and marshes).

The figures will be available in both "Cold-Cast" Pewter and Bronze open editions as well as the super limited, hand-painted Mono edition of only 20 pieces, each signed and numbered by Doktor A himself. The whole range of 8 characters will be available from his booth as well as online at his store the same day.

There will be 4 x UNIQUE COPPER CREEPS (from Series 1) - with 2 each of The Monster and The Bride (in red and metallic tones. giving them more of a classic Mechtorian vibe) up for grabs at £100 each.

Now this looks fun! Doctor A has created a mini edition of customised Mechatro WeGo robot toys from Sen-Ti-Nel and 1000 Toys! These 1:35th scale ( about 3" tall) Mecha have interchangeable di-cast metal and plastic parts and are super articulated - all of whom have been given a “Mechtorian spin” on, of which only 6 pieces are available (Three Red and Three Teal) at £150 each.

Doctor A will be making available “a very limited number” of his “Mechanics of Life APs” (in collaboration with Luke Chueh x Munky King) - where only 1 of each edition shown will be made available at Toycon for £250 each.

(*Note that 4 of each version as APs will be released online at a later date).