Pick Up Urban Art for SGD 200 or Less at The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art @ Kult Gallery (from April 6.2017)

After their toy-licious CHOKING HAZARD show, KULT is cooking up something new, based on somethings “old” - Introducing “The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art” - where Kult Gallery will be drawing from its archives artworks from previous shows and magazines, including favourites such as silkscreening exhibit Hot Mesh (2016), portrait show Dead Celebrities (2015) and Film (2015), and even pieces unspoken for from Choking Hazard (including MORE “Doom Squad” figurines from Ben Rider).

Exhibition opens: 6 April 2017
Exhibition closes: 22 May 2017
Opening Hours:
11 am - 10 pm (on 6 and 7 April ONLY),
Mondays - Fridays 11 am - 7 pm,
Saturdays 2 pm - 7 pm

Scroll thru for more artwork previews, including the official press release.
"The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art is a tongue-in-cheek satire of the more extensive art fairs in the industry, and hopes to reinforce the idea that art should be accessible and affordable for everyone. To mark its opening, Kult Gallery will be extending its operating hours on 6 and 7 April 2017."

(Above-left): Fahrenheit 451 by Russell Taysom (GBR)
(Above-right): Hey Mikey You’re So Fine by Kimiaki Yaegashi (JPN)
PRESS RELEASE: "Urban art space Kult Gallery will be extending its opening hours till 10 pm for the launch of The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art . Guests can expect quality art from the gallery’s archives, including originals, prints and 3D artwork all priced at only SGD 200 or less.

Artwork on display spans across various mediums like silkscreen prints, risograph prints, original illustrations, digital prints, art on vinyl and resin-cast sculptures, from both local and international artists, and is available to take home immediately."

(Above-left): Chungking Express poster by Kult
(Above-right): Music Making Music by Sherwan Rozan (MAS)
PRESS RELEASE CONTINUED: "The show is a light-hearted jab at the industry’s more extensive art trade shows that have price brackets not necessarily accessible by the common man, parodying the wine-and-cheese affairs with beer and chips instead. To further push the message that art can be for anyone and in any form, Kult Magazine will also be sold at an exclusive price of SGD 20 for any three issues available (usual price - SGD 8 per issue)."
Kult Gallery’s curators say, "The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art is an examination of the culture surrounding the value of art today, and subverts the notion that art is exclusive and expensive. The exhibition celebrates a lowbrow atmosphere that proves art too is entertainment, meant to be experienced and enjoyed by everyone.”

As part of an ongoing partnership with neighbour Kult Kafe, visitors to the show on 6 and 7 April will enjoy Happy Hour prices at the bar all night. Offer is only valid after 5 pm.

(Above-left): Top of the Pops by Dorothy (GBR)
(Above-right): Animals by Mojoko (SGP)

List of participating artists: Aleeloulalei (SGP), Austin von New (GBR), Ben Rider (GBR), Chogrin (ECU), Deladeso and Manny Romero (USA), Dorothy (GBR), Eeshaun (SGP), Elizabeth And The Spooks (SGP), Eric Foenander (SGP), Fragiledarkness (SGP), fFurious (SGP), Healeymade (USA), Ian Mutch (AUS), Jason Freeny (USA), Jonny Wan (GBR), Kevin Hong (USA), Kimiaki Yaegashi (JPN), Laura Bernard (AUS), Matt Gondek (USA), Mightyellow (SGP), Mindflyer (SGP), Mirxey (SGP), Mojoko (SGP), Nelz Yumul (PHI), Oscar Gutierrez (ESP), Pichet Rujivararat (THA), Rachele Ho (SGP), Rook Floro (THA), Russell Taysom (GBR), Sherwan Rozan (MAS), Siddwills (SGP), Super High Technology Futuristic (SGP), Taj Tenfold (JAM), The Terror Troopers (SGP), Timothy Daws (AUS).

The $200 Show: Actually Affordable Art Exhibition Details
Exhibition Launch: 6 and 7 April 2017, 11 am to 10 pm Exhibition End: To 22 May 2017

@: design@kult.com.sg