POOKIE CHOCO Edition Vinyl Figures from Pucky Available Now

UPDATED: Launched for pre-orders here on www.hellopucky.com -the set of 4 figures are priced at HK$2,350.00. Individual figures are also available at HK$600 per (except for “GOOBY” at HK$550 each). 100 pieces Limited Chocolate Edition, signed and numbered by PUCKY.
"Easter Special- Free shipping for the first 30 sets if you place order before April 18th (Hong Kong Time Zone). You will receive a free Pookie minion tote bag and a Pookie Family Sticker with the purchase of the Pookie Vinyl figures set."

How could I let “Easter Friday” pass without a little “toy-flavour”? Alas in this particular instance, it’s a “peep-n-droll” and not a “click-n-buy”, as availability details have yet to be revealed for this delish POOKIE CHOCO Edition vinyl figures from Pucky - featuring new colorway(s) on her Pookie Circus figures with Unbox Industries!

Well, I never did say this was a “Easter” edition, just that there are tons of chocolate seen in the above pic, so… :p ... But daymn but the color palette look richly yummy!

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