#ToyConUK 2017 (April 29-30, 2017)

The annual TOYCON UK returns for it’s 5th year in 2017, with festivities spread to TWO days now, over the weekend from Saturday April 29th (Doors open at 11:00AM), thru to Sunday April 30th (Doors close at 17:00PM BST). The event will feature over 50 exhibitors ”showcasing the very best toy talent from the UK and around the world.”

And by that, the focus is on “designer toys / art toys” and all the glories “lowbrow art” could afford, as opposed to the designated “toy fair(s)” in the UK being more “commercial” and brand based, that I know of anyways.

Located at York Hall Leisure Centre - 5 Old Ford Rd, London, E2 9PJ, United Kingdom - this event is a ticketed entry, and you can purchase tickets online here.

- Adult Entry is priced £15 per day (Saturday since sold out online), and £23 for a weekend pass.
- Children Entry is priced £3 per day, £5 for a weekend pass.

CLICK FORTH to view coverage of artists and products for the show - thanks to a bevy of folks generous with sharing their information with TOYSREVIL, and as well (select) Instagrams featured below.

The tide of information has shifted thru the years, and instead of information coming to TOYSREVIL, practitioners and artists have instead chosen to promote themselves via their own social media channels … which I am all for, as long as I can embed your Instagrammed-images (with info) LOL

Folks can stay tuned to Instagram @toyconuk for any updates over the weekend :)

For Friends Exhibiting = Have Fantastically Great Sales!

For Friends and folks attending = Have Yourselves a Fabulous Time and Happy Toy Scores!

I might not be physically there with you all, but I’ll be there in toy-loving-spirit!


I am exhausted but I am also FINISHED! Celebrated it all with a panic attack last night.... But there we are! I feel very proud of myself and I am very tired. I still have some work to do, but the heavy work load is done. I hope to have a blog entry up with prices by tomorrow night or Tuesday at the latest. Oh and also, the tiger still need his arms. I forgot to paint them LOL 😂 Now I'm just looking forward to #ToyConUK and to seeing all.of your lovely faces! 😊😊😊💗 #toyconuk2017 #kidrobot #customtoy #designertoy #vinyltoy #tomodachiisland #craft #sculpey #art #sculpting #sculpture #arttoy #vinyl #toy #dunny #customdunny #toylife #munnyworld #customkidrobot #designervinyl #toyart #toynerd #customvinyl #toycollector #arttoy #sketch #planning #wip @toyconuk

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