3A’s US VENTURE EPILOGUE @ Sparks Gallery (July 19-23)

It’s been a minute since 3A’s large scaled VENTURE/RE-VENTURE gallery art shows (last one being 3A Venture Japan in 2015, and before that Re-Venture in 2012). This year, it is making a comeback and you are invited to witness the US VENTURE EPILOGUE at Spark’s Gallery in San Diego (July 19-23), in tandem with the 2017 San Diego Comic Con.
PRESS: "The summer of 2017 brings with it the first ever Venture in the United States, and will bookend this era of 3A with US Venture Epilogue in San Diego during SDCC to celebrate the culmination of all that has come before and to welcome the next exhilarating chapters to come! Ashley Wood is thrilled to be joined by returning Venture artists Siuyin, William Wray, and Seattle artist Syd Bee – with more details to be announced soon!" (Follow the US Venture Area on WO3A.com for US Venture updates / Read more here)

Hope to see done if you there #ashleywoodart #ashleywood #usventure #threea #f3actory

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Sparks Gallery
530 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101