A Look-back at Thailand Toy Expo 2017

The annual THAILAND TOY EXPO celebrates it’s 5th Year in existence in 2017, and with the event showcasing different genres of toys / art toy/ designer toy / mass toys at Central World Bangkok - from May 4th thru to today May 7th Sunday, has shown itself to be a powerhouse of event for toy-lovers!

Unlike other regular conventions which as well features comicbooks, media, cosplay, TTE’s primary focus is TOYS, and the result is an amazing eye-opener (beyond the vastness of the www) and a beloved homage to the worldwide toy culture, IMHO.

(Above: TTE’s mascot as a collectible!)

And while I’ve not had the pleasure to visit the event before, I’m lucky in that folks online have been generous with sharing their pictures, and as well I’d like to offer a special mention for the event’s social media team, for doing an utterly bang-up job on both their Facebook and - so even wannabe hype-beasters (like TOYSREVIL) can even access information and images! Now THIS is how you do it! KUDOS all around!

Scroll thru for VIDEO coverage from folks - including walk-throughs (alas most in the Thai language with no subs) and as well check out my coverage #onTOYSREVIL for TTE!

I am absolutely loving the walk-through video above, which really puts a geographical and physical reference to the event grounds. I aspire to do walk-thru vids too LOL

Mass Market Licensed Toys: