And The Winners for the 2017 DESIGNER TOY AWARDS Are…

The results for the 2017 Designer Toy Awards are IN, and thanks to (who were in attendance at the May 19th pre-Five Points Festival event-night) we have the results!

Listed below are the winners for Fan Voted Categories (last blogged), followed by the Judging/Closed Panel voted categories … and Congratulations all around! For both WINNERS and All Finalists! :)

Artist of the Year (Fan Choice): Juan Muniz!

HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @designertoyawards fan choice ARTIST OF THE MUTHAFIKN YEAR!!!!!!

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Custom Of The Year (Fan Choice): "BFU BabyTEQ ARMOR" by QUICCS!

Toy of the Year (Fan Choice): MAGURO by MAME MOYASHI!

#MaguroSenpai currently available in Singapore via #OzzoCollection (walk-in purchase only) #toylife

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Best Blog (Fan Choice): The Toy Chronicle!

Best Toy Store (Fan Choice): Play House from Thailand!

Best Online Toy Store (Fan Choice): Rotofugi!

And the following are Winners of the Designer Toy Awards (Panel Voted Categories):

Best Licensed Product: “THE IRON GIANT” from Mondo


Best DYI Platform: THE BLANK by HUCK GEE!

Best Non-Plastic: OMEN FADE WOOD by coarse!

Brand of the Year: MIGHTY JAXX!

Lifetime Achievement: MEDICOM!

Best Non-Licensed (non-plastic): “DARTH TRUMP”

Whaaaaat?! We Won! Wow!!!😯⚡️😀 Thank you so much to the @designertoyawards and @cluttermagazine!!! This is such a huge honor! ✌️... And now a word from @specialedtoys ・・・ Holy crap. Even though it should read "Best Non-Licensed" our Darth Trump figure actually won us a @designertoyawards! 😦 Fuck Disneyland, I'm going to take a nap! 😛 Seriously though this is pretty fucking surreal. Huge thanks to my buddy Jonathan of @timebandits for making this terrible figure with me (we fucking did it!), my brother @moctoys for absolutely killing the artwork, The Dov & @sarahjomarks for allowing us to have the figure at the DKE Toys booth at last year's NYCC and for being the biggest supporter of all us bootleggers in this scene, @toddaction for the perfect paint application and @turtlemilkstudios for the amazing sculpt!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And of course to all the awesome peeps at @cluttermagazine, the judges behind the @designertoyawards, @cluttermaz and all you lovely, beautiful collectors and fans, you (guys and girls) complete me. 😘😛 End cheesy fucking rant. Sorry and thank you for your time. 🤓 *thanks again @toywhodestroyedtheworld for letting me know first 👊🏼#specialedtoys #timebandits #moctoys #cluttermagazine #designertoys #designertoyawards2017 #wefuckingwon #thechecksareinthemail #seriouslytho #darthtrump #trumpwars #bootlegtoys #bootlegart #bootlegger #qualitysoldseperately #theoriginalsince1983

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Custom of the Year: “LUKA TAPISTREE” by GARY HAM!



Best Vinyl & Plastic: DO NOT DISTURB by coarse

Break Through Artist:

Hall of Fame:
Brothersworker figures by Brothersfree
Dunces series by Gary Baseman
Fafi Girls by Fafi
MC Supersize by Ron English
To-Fu Oyako by Devilrobots

Lifetime Achievement: Tatsuhiko Akashi

Toy of the Year: KING KORPSE by James Groman x INSTINCTOY!

James Groman × INSTINCTOY 『KING KORPSE 』Designer Toy Awords 2017 『TOY OF THE YEAR』受賞‼︎ 昨年のBEST SOFUBIに続き、今年もDTAにて素晴らしい賞を受賞させて頂きました。尊敬するアーティストのJamesさんと共にソフトビニールの限界に挑戦して共に創り上げた作品だったので、この様な形で世界的に高く評価された事が何より嬉しいです。また、2年連続受賞という夢の様な結果も信じられません。 頂いた賞を励みに、これからも世界中の方に喜んでる頂ける作品を生み出せる様、アーティストとして、メーカーとしてより一層の躍進を目指し頑張ります。 本当にありがとうございました! The James Groman × INSTINCTOY 『KING KORPSE 』won the 『TOY OF THE YEAR』award at the Designer Toy Awards 2017‼︎ I won in the BEST SOFUBI category last year, and this year I have won another excellent DTA award. This figure was made in collaboration with the artist James Groman, who I really respect. We have met many challenges together to make this figure. I am glad that it is getting a warm response from the world. I cannot believe I have won awards in this competition for two consecutive years. This motivates me to make more figures to bring happiness to my customers. As an artist and a maker, I would like to keep working on my designs. Thank you very much! James Groman × INSTINCTOY 『KING KORPSE 』Designer Toy Awords 2017 『TOY OF THE YEAR』得獎‼︎ 接續著去年的BEST SOFUBI,今年的DTA也得到了很棒的獎項。這是與我尊敬的設計師James Groman合作的作品,且一同挑戰了軟膠的境界。我非常高興能夠得到這樣高的評價。兩年連續都得獎真的連做夢都沒夢過,難以置信。 得到這獎項讓我更激勵自己,在未來我想要製作更多讓人開心的作品,身為一個設計師及一個製作商我會更努力邁進。 真的感謝大家! #FIVEPOINTS #NEWYORK #EVENT #INSTINCTOY #JAMESGROMAN #インスティンクトイ #DTA #DesinerToyAwords #sofvitokyo #toyoftheyaer #受賞

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Artist of the Year: JON-PAUL KAISER!

Well, I really didn't expect this... I've won Artist of the Year at the Designer Toy Awards 2017! To say I'm happy with this is an understatement; to be recognised and rewarded by my industry and peers is incredibly flattering, humbling and exciting. Obviously none of us do this for awards but it's beautiful for the hard work and effort to be recognised and helps to validate what I do when I'm sitting there in my little studio grafting away for hours. I could never have done this alone; thanks to Clutter for hosting the awards, thanks for the nominations, votes, all the people who have bought customs or had commissions over the years. Thanks to all the other artists who helped, shared and advised me, especially Jesse whose long conversations have enlightened and inspired. Thanks to all the blogs for covering my work, and Andy who has now become one of my closest friends. Thanks to all my friends and family who have encouraged and supported over the years. I love you all! Thanks to Gary, Huck and Peter for the photos! Most of all, thanks to Kelly. You've always been there, helping, supporting, inspiring and encouraging... and reining in my madness... all the events, conventions and weird painting competitions you've been with me to over the years. Thank-you! ❤

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