DiBruko Lak (Greed Edition) by Kyle Kirwan Available Online Now!

Having chanced upon this visage on his Facebook, I am quite intrigued with Kyle Kirwan’s “DIBRUKO LAK” - having first made it’s debut at Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017) and now listed online for purchase at US$55.00 each (along his other Five Points releases) - I stare at awe and wonder at the visual aesthetics of this character - looking like it stepped out of a high-budgeted fantasy film - coupled with the intense color chosen of glossy-gold on matt-black (I assume it is “matt”), gives it lush of Dread and Awesomeness I could only imagine fawning over in person, in-hand!

DiBruko Lak” (Greed Edition) stands 5" tall resin, and comes in a run of 10pcs. Featuring 2 points of articulation and real chain accessories. “Handmade awesomeness”, indeed!

DiBruko Lak Greed Edition releasing at @fivepointsfest 10/10 $55

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”For hundreds of years a story told
About a wicked boy not nine years old
Ran off to play time and again
disobeyed, rebeled, transgressed against
Mothers words rang out aghast
Stay close my son do not pass
The edge of woods may seem like fun
But Dark things wait for you to come.
With the winter wind he met his end
By a villian, a beast, a monster rent
His soul from him with great torment
The boy's body a husk was made
For a devil fit, to spend it's days.
For hundreds of years the story yelled
Across the land as decades swelled
Shrouded, bloated lecherous sycophant
gluttonous ages the Ger had spent
Secure in its power, it's feeding ground
Til Dred King Balon did cut him down.
Unknown, the Last of the Ger was he
Defeated at last by the sword of three.
For hundreds of years a story told
Of a beast too terrifying to behold
Now in a chamber the thing resides,
Sunken sagging reduced in size.
Kept chained weak and wiened
For generations a symbol seen
Of evil's place under the foot of men
Never to feed or hunt again.
A broken deflated pathetic sack
The Last vampir DiBruko Lak.”