The inaugural FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL launches Saturday May 20th at Pier 36 New York City, and exhibits thru Sunday May 21st. Offering a smorgasbord of nerdery this side of pop culture / toy culture / sub culture / sub-pop-culture (*labels*, man! Alla Them Labels!) which includes art toys, comicbook, fanart and all-things we BREATHE IN on this humble blog of mine!

Specifically for this blog+post, we take a look at all-things (Collectible) TOYS!

Looks to be a spectacular event, too! And all TOYSREVIL can do, is hover around online and live vicariously through folks’ images and enjoyment … maybe one day I’ll actually step foot in USA too LOL

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Entry to this event is TICKETED and priced at US$35 on Saturday / US$30 on Sunday / Weekend US$45 (Sat+Sun) / VIP @ US$125 (Further details on

CLICK HERE for continued coverage of this event, along with TONS I’ve missed featured here in THIS post instead - and I wish you ALL A FANTABULOUS TIME to be had this weekend!

Updates on Instagram @fivepointsfest, and stay connected via Facebook + Twitter.

The crew ready for @fivepointsfest

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Oh oh oh, it's Magic! Black Light Magic... As only the pop prankster himself does, RON ENGLISH "the Godfather of Street Art" will be releasing on both the east coast and west coast for the first time in the USA his highly sought after "Event Exclusive" in New York at the FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL TOY TOKYO BOOTH 143, and in Los Angeles at his POPAGANDA POP-UP SHOP in RCNSTRCT STUDIO on Melrose Avenue. The Black Light Magic CEREAL KILLERS 6 pack includes the hard to find POO FAIRY chase figure with every set. The "Event Exclusive" set is only available at selected events. This is not (GID) glow-in-the-dark or florescent painted, but good old fashion black light painted toy figures. Get them while they last!!! #cerealkiller #blacklight #glow #toytokyo #ronenglishart #ronenglish #fivepointsfestival #fivepointsfest #tonythetiger #poofairy #limited #art #artist #2017

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Five Points Festival

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All set up at 5 Points! Booth 330. #rampagetoys #fivepointsfest

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@grodyshogun bringing Japan to you! Booth 329 !!! #fivepointsfest2017 #lulubelltoys #grodyshogun

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Outer Space Men booth at Five Points Fest #osm #fivepointsfest #fivepointsfestival #outerspacemen

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