Ghost In The Shell - 1/6 “MAJOR” by Threezero for May 9th Online Pre-order Launch

Hong Kong’s Threezero has and revealed in full and announced that their GHOST IN THE SHELL - 1/6 MAJOR Collectible figure will be opened for pre-orders online via for limited time only, starting from May 9th 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

The Standard/Regular Version is priced at US$168 / 1310HKD (with Worldwide shipping included in the price), while there is also a threezero Official Website exclusive which comes with additional “street clothes”, priced at US$180 / 1400HKD (also with Worldwide shipping included in the price).

Scroll thru for more product images, and if you happened to be in Bangkok Thailand for the annual Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017), you’d see it on display at their booth!

[ Individual images for the Exclusive version HERE on #popcornX ]

threezero online store exclusive Major (Street Look version / featured above) includes: Military bomber jacket; Tank top; Black slim combat pants; Military boots. Exchangeable bare hands: One pair of Fists; One pair Relaxed; One pair for Gripping weapons.

[ Individual images for the Standard version HERE on #ghostintheshellfan-blog ]

Major collectible figure stands approximately 10.5” (~26.5cm) tall, it's fully-articulated and highly detailed collectible, featuring realistic likeness of the Major as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the “Ghost in The Shell movie”, including tailored and weathered clothing: Tactical Vest, Ballistic Groin Protection, Shin Guards, Uniform, Pants and Pair of Shoes. Collectible figure comes with Tactical Pistol with holster, Circular Plaza SMG, Stripper Clip, Sub Machine Gun and multiple exchangeable Gloved Hands: One pair of Fists; One pair Relaxed; One pair for Gripping weapons; Two left hands for Holding Circular Plaza SMG and Sub Machine Gun.

[ In-hand video previously posted HERE #onTOYSREVIL ]