Littlevilsion Custom Show @ The Space Gallery The Parlor, Bandung (May 14-21.2017)

EVENT PRESS: ”LITTLEVILSION is a design character created by Rifky M Isa. This character is a continuation of the previous character's story. Evilsion was created in 2010. At this event, Littlevilsion will be realized in the form of urban toy with the concept that is about the negative effects of the development of communication and information technology that affect people today. Rifky imagine it in the form of a television-headed devil with a costume that has the nature of a bully and affects bad things to humans. Littlevilsion is a small army of Mr. Evilsion with the task of spreading the bad influence of technology to all people around the world and making them slaves.”

PRESS CONTINUED: ”Littlevilsion Custom Show is a way to introduce Littlevilsion to the general public. Collaborate with 30 people consisting of artists, illustrators, designers, toys makers and graffiti artists to respond to the forms and concepts of Littlevilsion based on their interpretation and imagination.”

Participating Artists:
@3dmaru | @deri637 | @adctd | @addydebil | @alimanufus | @alympu | @astro.ruby | @bedlamorama | @bowobaghaskara | @buddy_bat | @crack_ | @ericnoah | @f21st | @hellomuaw | @herzven | @sombong_ | @iky.z | @kongandry | @loredanzo | @raccooninacan | @mirffuu | @muklay | @onikspopssial | @peterccung | @ragisyandi | @sumadinata | @semproelart | @shanetortilla | @theyellowdino | @yyobbi

Soft Opening :
Sunday, 14 May 2017
7 – 10 pm

Exhibition Runs :
14 – 21 May 2017
1 – 9 pm

At The Space Gallery The Parlor
Rancakendal Luhur no. 9, Bandung

Music :

Artist Talk & Launch Toys :
Sunday, 21 May 2017
4 – 6 pm

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