Mighty Jaxx for #ThailandToyExpo 2017

Mighty Jaxx will be bringing the “exclusives heat” to their booth A5/6 (Eden 1 @ 1st floor) for the coming Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017) - featuring debut releases and exclusives editions, that might make your bank BURST! But it’ll be ALL-SO-GOOD! Here’s a list to whet your appetites (*NO PRICES REVEALED at this time of post).

- XXRAY MUAY THAI Figures Red, Blue & Black Edition (Scroll down for further details)
- PANDA INK PUNCH Thai Edition (*Exclusive)
- POPOEK Pink Edition from Whatshisname (*Exclusive)
- GOLDEN CLAW Shadow Edition (from Huck Gee’s Gold Life / *Exclusive)
- 4D XXRAY BATMAN Glow-in-the-Dark (*Exclusive
- TEMPURA SAN of Super Kaiju Corps Clear Edition (*Debut)

Muay Thai (Blue Corner)” by JPX x Mightjaxx x SGT Smile can be had exclusively at the Might Jaxx booth A5-6 @ EDEN 1 on the 1st floor. In an edition of 500 pcs worldwide, they will be each priced at 900 baht/pc (PREORDER) which comes out to approx US$26+/SG$36+ per - with sales beginning May 4, 2017 @ 11.00AM. First come first serve basis.

The “Muay Thai (Red Corner)” edition can also be had at the TTE Exclusive Shop (Square A H03) individually, and also at MJ’s booth - also available as a “Bundle Set” along with the Blue Edition. Priced at 900 baht/pc (PREORDER) - with sales beginning May 4, 2017 @ 11.00AM. First come first serve basis.

(Above art & design by Thai artist "SGT Smile"!)

There is a THIRD Edition, titled “Muay Thai: The Undefeated” - featuring black boxing gloves! Exclusive to TTE, and in an edition of only 400 pcs worldwide, this 4”-tall non-articulated figure is also priced at 900 baht per.
"The undefeated is all time championship in the ring, under the human skin, no one realize that he is Cyborg."

"Tempura-San lived a fairly average life, he runs a little tempura stall in Tokyo,where he gets enough income to supply his daily needs. He was contented. Until one day, an accident involving a nuclear waste truck rendered him horribly disfigured."
“Tempura san” will make his debut at the Thailand Toy Expo in a exclusive “clear edition” - limited to only 25pcs only (at the event).