New Customs from Darren 'Klang' Clegg

UK-based toy customizer Darren Clegg shares with TOYSREVIL a trio of his latest customs - currently available to purchase on!

Scroll down for peeps (and links to MORE images since uploaded on the TOYSREVIL Facebook page) … AND chok out MORE of Darren’s work via his Facebook, Instagram @darrenklangclegg AND of course FEATURED #onTOYSREVIL@

”THE WOLVERINE” (Made from an 8" Muttpop Tequila): "Everyones favourite x-man, i decided to go for a bit of a mix of costumes with the older colour scheme mixed with a style. And he wouldn't be wolverine with a bit of blood." (Available for £190 / MORE images HERE on FB)
“ALEX MERCER” (Made from an 8" Muttpop Tequila): "(The character is) based on the game ‘Prototype’. You may not be familiar with the game but I loved it and loved the character 'Alex Mercer' who shapeshifter and mutated into some type of organic beast monster." (Available for £120 / MORE images HERE on FB)
“LABBIT RACER” (Made from a 5" Labbit and Dunny): ”I am not a huge fan of the Labbit and had one sat in my custom fodder for a while, then watching may have been star wars (can't actually remember) i thought it would make a cool engine vehicle thing and so the rabbit racer was born.” (Available for £90 / MORE images HERE on FB)