NEW Toys/Collectibles Spotted at #FivePointsFestival 2017!

With the glitter-dust slightly settled amidst the haze of wonders at the past weekend’s Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017), here’s a glimpse+gawk at some “reveals” and debuts of production toys/collectibles to come - for which I wished I was there in-person to see, but thankfully folks online were generous to share - Scroll-thru to see!

OTHER NEW TOYS (featured on this blog) include:
- O-No Food Company, Pet Foods division by Andrew Bell x DeadZebra
- KAIJU KILLER (prototype revealed) from James Groman x INSTINCTOY
- 20” Dragon King from KaNO x ToyQube.
- Soul Collector 8” Gold Edition from Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx
- LOGAN The Tree Stump Kid by Gary Ham x Brutherford
- LUCKY KATJU from Chris Pyrate x Strangest Toys

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TRUMP UNMASKED from Alex Solis! President Trump removes his entire “head-mask” to reveal “Mr Buns” (from “The Simpsons”) underneath! Look for this 7-inch tall polystone collectible to be up for pre-order “soon” on next month (Stay tuned to Instagram @alexmdc for updates).

“MICKEY EXPLODER” from Matt Gondek at ToyQube’s booth (both at Five Points & Hong Kong Toy Festival), with the unpainted prototype on show. No specific drop date revealed yet, but expect this 10-inch tall VINYL figure to come with a detachable “face”!

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Jim McKenzie continues his toy-relationship with ToyQube with “PUMPKIN CRAB” (full name “Beneath The Harvest- Pumpkin Crab”) sneaked at Five Points Fest. The unpainted prototype of the events resin figure, is tentatively targeted for an apt Halloween release. (Stay connected to Instagram @jimmckenzie for updates).

Lulubell Toys previews an unpainted “HANA” from Junko Mizuno! Release date is TBA, in Fall 2017, produced by Lulubell Toys. I so fully expect “rooted hair”!!! “Massive-awesome”, is all I can exclaim!

Come check out the Plush Willo Prototype with @urbanvinyldaily !! We're outside in the rv @fivepointsfest

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Artist Kyle Kirwan parked his R.V. on-site and offered up plenty of his goodness, including a peek at the PLUSH WILLO (prototype) made with Urban Vinyl Daily! Heading to Kickstarter soon. (Stay connected to @kylekirwan on Instagram, for updates).

Debuting at Five Points was this PINK LUNA from The Bots x Urban Vinyl Daily! This edition is limited to 50 pieces and is priced at US$60 each. Stay tuned to IG @urbanvinyldaily for (possible) online listing updates!

“DEAD BEARS” saw a pre-release at Five Points Fest courtesy of Martian Toys, with creator Nicky Davis and Andrea Kang’s interpretation (*A Closer look below)!

My @nickydavis Dead Bear color way available @martian_toys booth 123

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“LITTLE MISFORTUNE CAT” from FERG re-enter the toy-world as “finger puppets”! Launched by Rotofugi at 5Points, with unpainted test shots “slush”-casted using Japanese vinyl, and priced at US$12 each, blind-bagged. Stay tuned to Instagram @rotofugi for when/if they list it up for online sales!

You can say. I saw the original malba sculpt in person. Today only at brodarrfest boof 334

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“MALBA” from Bwana Spoons - raw, unpainted, and looking like he’s having FUN! Stay connected to Instagram @bananapoons for updates!

James Groman’s “FOSSILPODS” with Toy Art Gallery were on show at the xpandeduniverse booth - in all-black glory! Stay connected to Instagram @jgroman60 for further updates!

#knightsoftheslice brought to you by @1000toys! Pre-order Brick now! (link in bio) #toypizza #1000toys

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ToyPizza collaborates with 1000Toys for KNIGHTS OF THE SLICE action figures! Produced as part of 1000toys’ “Nu Synth” series (which also includes a RealXHead figure OMG). I need to delve deeper into this STAT!