Ron English’s Jakarta Popaganda Party

“The God Father of Street Art” RON ENGLISH was in Indonesia for the “Jakarta Popaganda Party“ back in mid-May @ RUCI Art Space, and we have a video and as well select images of the one-night-only event to share!

Presented by Pop Life Entertainment, a variety of Mr English’s art was on show, along with a “lifestyle” selection of apparel, bag, umbrella and skateboard, and of course his toys including the upcoming “Cereal Killers mini figures” (available for pre-order).

Another exceeding interesting item was the “Ah Hok" with "McSupersize Me” painting! I am unsure if anything shown here is still available to purchase, so perhaps enquire with … meanwhile, PICTURES!

ABOUT: "Ron English, a New York based American street artist, have grabbed the attention of world wide audience since the early 1980s. His adaptation of popular iconography and brands have influenced public perception of corporate agendas. English often construct visual provocation to create Pop Art collages by combining several iconic imageries. English's most renowned image is of the obese Ronald McDonald, Mc Supersized, from the 2004 documentary Super Size Me. As well as, Abraham Obama, an assimilated image of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln which helped generated interest during the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. "
(All photos via ruciartspace, more on / Photography by @rupamaya.creative)