“SATYR RORY” by Seulgie for #FivePointsFest 2017

The “cuteness” be unleashed at the coming Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017) courtesy of myplasticheart in The Yard (Booth #139) where they will be hosting “SATYR RORY” resin figures by Seulgie, in a run of only 6 all-different, one-off x 4.5-inches tall collectibles!

Scroll thru to see HOW different, and stay connected to her Instagram @seulgie._ for updates! (Sorry, no prices revealed at time of post, but DO NOT expect these to hang around for much long, yeah?)

"I have been always in love with cute little things so much. Drawing and making cute things are what I do for fun. But I never thought I could be an art toy sculptor. In 2014 I met a great chance to learn hand sculpting, mold making, and resin casting from an amazing artist, Peter Kato. I had been trained as an apprentice under Peter Kato at Cortes Studio in Brooklyn. After that exciting seven months, Peter granted me to debut my first art toy figurine Satyr on his website. Unexpectedly my Satyr has been so much loved and adored by collectors from all over the world! Happily I work on everyday to embody my fondness for cuteness...❤" (seulgie.com/about)
Check out Seulgie’s previous “SATYR” releases on the TOYSREVIL-blog by CLICKING HERE :)

UPDATED: Seen @ Five Points Fest!

@seulgie._ and @ratokim both Sold Out~😱💕💕💕#fivepointsfest @myplasticheart

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