TEDDY TROOPS 2.0 by Artoyz x Flying Förtress - Pre-Orders Begin May 17th!

Artoyz x Flying Förtress are expending their DIY Versions of their TEDDY TROOPS 2.0 figure into a full fledged coloured series, in both REGULAR and VARIANT Editions!

Scheduled for an (early) June ship-out/release on Artoyz.com - there’ll be 5 different toys in 2 colors (Regular and Variant) - making a total of 10 figures to complete your basic set.

Suggested Retail prices are 19.90€ for Regular and 25€ for Variant each. They'll run between 320 (Regular) and 160 (Variant) pcs per style.

For their pre-order period - starting May 17th - on Artoyz.com will be offering only packs, as such:

- Pack A with 5 regular @ 95€
- Pack B with 5 variant @ 120€
- Pack C with all troopers @ 200€

Totally adoring the fresh colors and designs, and especially the removable “gas-masks” look dope! Not to mention the “B-52”-Bomber plane styled designs with “propellers” on the arms and “clear cockpit” canopy-mask! I would gag to have the entire set!

Stay tuned to Twitter @artoyz for further updates!


jtdavidson said…
I feel really stupid but how do I take the gas mask off? It looks stuck underneath the nondetachable helmet and I don't want to break it!?
not "stupid" at all JT! It looks like it is just a clip-on in the pics, altho I cannot sure as I do not own any of them tho :p