Wetworks for #ThailandToyExpo 2017

Carlo Cacho/Wetworks shares with TOYSREVIL his utterly delicious spread to be had at his booth SQUARE A5 (sharing with Mitoys, Whalerabbit and Yoii) at the coming Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017)!
"Our booth is located inside the Tent just outside the mall together with some big brands like 3A, Threezero and Jptoys." - shared Carlo.
Scroll down to see what he has in-store, complete with PRICES! Get ready your CASH-BAHT, people!

Chewieloic” by BananVirus x Wetworks can be had for 2000Baht each (US$xx / SG$xx). Previously featured #onTOYSREVIL, the header card art is by @samflowerpants.

The Tipsies” by Carlo are a trio of drunk “Jawas”, and they’d be PERFECT to help STAR WARS DAY / MAY THE 4TH with! Featuring header card art also by Samuel Lee - these dudes will be priced at 1400Baht for each, and 4000Baht for the whole set (3 pieces). OMG ~ I LOVE THESE GUYS!

Foxy and Xin” feature Set of 4 each with different colorways (previously featured), with these original creations designed and sculpted by Carlo himself. You would need to ask the booth for the pricing.

Killer Apes” by Precious Junkz x Wetworks sees Carlo customising a micro-run of these simian creations (last seen at #UrbanToyStage 2017). You would need to ask the booth for the pricing.

Yoii will be offering “Bunny” (1900Baht) and “Deer” (1900Baht) from her “Fallout Pets” series (WIPs seen above), as well custom-Kidzilla figures (see below) and of course her art! We’ll take a closer look in a separate post :)

Stay connected to Instagram @iamwetworks for updates!

(Cheers for the info, Carlo, and have a fab show ahead, bro!)