WILLO PLUSH Kickstarter from UVD Toys & Kyle Kirwan

UVD Toys and artist Kyle Kirwan announces their latest Kickstarter project - with PLUSH WILLO currently available for your support in production here on Kickstarter!

This plush version of Kirwan's famous Willo character sits 9.5" tall and comes in a pink colorway, who was on display for the first time at the recent Five Points Festival in NYC.
"This version of Willo is said to bring good luck to those encounter it or add it to their collections! The plush can be picked up for just $30 each but there are a variety of reward levels including pins, magnets, and exclusive versions of many of Kirwan's resin creations."

I personally feel “plush” is an interesting direction for the artist’s creation - at least in terms of “material”-make, as all his previous creations are in resin (although I’ve never asked if they were due to intent or material-availability), and as well plush gives that extra dimension to Kirwan’s otherwise sharper more robust aesthetics, IMHO.

Come check out the Plush Willo Prototype with @urbanvinyldaily !! We're outside in the rv @fivepointsfest

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