Wooper Loopers & Logan The Tree Stump Boy from Gary Ham Now Online

Gary Ham lists his products online post-Five Points Festival, and features plenty of toy-ness I’d loved to own! Here a look at them:

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FATTY WOOPER Edition collaboration with Chris Ryniak has this 4-inch tall sofubi toy in an edition of 30pcs, each priced at US$55.00 per. You cannot go "wrong" with a tubby/chubby-toy LOL

WOOPER LOOPER MINTY Edition sees Gary’s 5-inch tall sofubi return in this colorway in a run of 30pcs, each priced ar US$60.00 per, and ALL SOLD OUT (as of this post).

WOOPER LOOPER PILLOW in Gray and Blue, with this collaboration with Lana Crooks made in soft fleece with embroidered details and a laser etched wood tag, each sized 12-inch wide and each priced at US$55.00. Handmade with love by Lana Crooks (Lanacrooks.com)

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LOGAN THE TREE STUMP KID in White (US$30 each), BLUE and ORANGE (US$35 each) colorways, with this 3.5-inch tall rotocasted resin being a collaboration with Ryan Rutherford (Brutherford Industries). Designed by Gary, Sculpted and manufactured by Ryan. Man, I am gagging for this kid!