8” Dunny Resin Cast “16-BIT RELIC Series” by Josh Mayhem available June 29th

Missed out on his earlier release? Fret naught, for Josh Mayhem excavates his long awaited 16-BIT RELIC Series dropping Thursday June 29th (at 10am PST) exclusively on JoshMayhem.com! These 8" resin cast Dunny will be priced at US$??? and be available “blind boxed”-style, where you’ll stand a chance to score ONE extremely rare 16-Bit Golden Relic!

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JOSH MAYHEM PRESS: "A remnant of a digital era long forgotten, the first 16-Bit Relic was discovered earlier this year. Josh Mayhem has since excavated more of these treasured ancestors of the present day Dunny. Dredged up from the digitally antiquated times of the 90's, these 8" resin cast Dunny's remind us of a time where straight and curved lines were declared unessential; an era in which simplicity ruled.

The recent unearthing of this 16-Bit Relic Series has recovered five 16-Bit Silver Relic's, as well as one extremely rare 16-Bit Golden Relic!

Warm up your AOL, and synchronize your Swatches! These collectible treasures will be offered blind box exclusively on JoshMayhem.com Thursday June 29th at 10am PST."