Clutter Gallery presents: "The 2nd Annual Blank Show" )Opens Aug 8th)

Opening Saturday, Aug 8th is "The 2nd Annual Blank Show" = A group custom toy exhibition curated by Huck Gee and Clutter, utilising “The Blank” (Awarded Best DIY Platform in DTAs) by Huck as platform base of choice!

The opening reception "The 2nd Annual Blank Show" (alongside Seulgie’s PUFFHEAD) will be free to the public and take place on July 8th, from 6-9pm. Artists Huck Gee and Mr. Mitote will be in attendance.

The show features the following artists: 64 Colors • Artmymind • Camilla d'Errico • Candie Bolton • Clog Two• Colus Havenga • Czee 13 • David Bishop • Dolly Oblong • El Hooligan • Fluke • Heath Duntz • Huck Gee • HX Studio • J*RYU • James Groman • Jason Limon • JeAA • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jfury • Jon-Paul Kaiser • Lisa Rae Hanson • Mike Strick • Mr.Mitote • Muju World • Nugglife • Quiccs • RXse7en • Shiffa • Tokyo Jesus & Wetworks - some previews of which can be viewed as you scroll thru (Images linked back to their respective Instagrams, because that’s how TOYSREVIL Rolls).

Hope your having a chill Sunday lovelies.😊 I wanted to spend the afternoon in my studio before I leave on my trip and get some work done on this little guy! ☺🎨 I'm custom painting a Huck Gee #Skullhead vinyl!πŸ–Œ✨ He’s a new project I’ve been working on and I decided to bring out all the paints hee hee. πŸ˜„πŸŒˆ It's gonna be #rainbowtastic because everything is so much better with lots of colors 😜 I can't give too many details right now but keep an eye out later for more info! 😘 I'm off to paint before I have to seriously start packing πŸ˜† Hope the rest of your weekend is colorful and happy too my loves! πŸ˜™πŸ’ž #happyweekend #sundayfunday #paintingtime PS you can sign up by email to be on the preview list for the July 8th show at 🌷

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😈 Almost done "The Blank Show 2" @huckgee x @cluttermagazine

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Kiss my ass... 😈

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Work in progress for The Blank Show at Clutter Gallery @cluttermagazine Original toy designed by @huckgee ✨✨ Painted with chameleon car paint, acrylics, and oils.

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"Sales for the will be offered to Clutter's Preview list subscribers first. An email will be sent out on Saturday the 8th, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase from the shows. Sign Up Here."