INDIE TOYS AR II - "The Cult of Skeletor" Opnes June 9th

César Zanardi sends word (*thanks buddy!!!) of the next INDIE TOYS AR local toys Group Show in Buenos Aires, with one of everyone’s favourite fav cartoon villain in “The Cult of Skeletor”!
"A tribute to one of the most iconic villains in pop culture! A mean guy that thought to the children of the 80's that you don't need to be "the hero" to be the best character in the series!"

(Artwork preview from Kaeru)

The show will include both TOYS and ILLUSTRATIONS, featuring work from;

TOYS ► Antu Artwork - Bombermat - Cerrito - Circo - Kosmo Toys - Gabbie Baez - Greenbag Toys - HK - Hydra Toys - Juan Pablo Cambariere - Kalaka Toys - Koop - Legion Toys - Trucho Toys.

ILLUSTRATION ► Estudio Kudasai – Caveman - César Zanardi - Chai Vaisberg - Emy Mariani - Gonza Duarte – Jorge Lucas - Juan Angel Redondo - Juan Machado - Martín Laksman - Martín Varbaro - Pablo Vigo - Patricio Oliver - Tin Machado - Sael - Kaeru.

The event launches Friday June 9th (19:00hrs) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and you can stay updated / RSVP via the Event Facebook Page! And of course stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for eventual launches images of the party! Always grateful to have the opportunity to see the scene (toys+art) from every and any part of the world! So looking forward to be seeing what these folks have!!!

Meanwhile, here’s a quick relook at their earlier event; “INDIE TOYS AR” - circa 2016!