“JELLY BEAN BLAST” - Solo Show by Stickymonger @ Woot Bear - Opening June 17

Opening Saturday June 17, 2017 (Reception @ 6-9pm) at Woot Bear Gallery is “JELLY BEAN BLAST” = a solo show featuring the art of Stickymonger.

Scroll thru for artwork previews and words about the Brooklyn-based artist, and stay connected to Instagrams @stickymonger & @wootbearbelly for updates!

WHO-IS: "Stickymonger, aka Joohee Park, is a Brooklyn-based artist with an obsession to convert spaces into imaginary worlds that emerge as giant mural installations.

Stickymonger’s murals are composed of black “stickers,” meticulously cut from giant sheets of vinyl and installed piece-by-piece by the artist, creating images that melt and flow together like rivers of ink cascading down the gallery’s walls. Park’s tactile and visual obsession with fluid and sticky blackness is related directly to her childhood experiences. Growing up in Korea, in a home adjacent to her family’s gas station, Park’s backyard housedsix fuel-storage garages. There, the future artist would hide among the oil cans, often stepping in and playing with the dense black petroleum puddles that were ubiquitous in her world.

Her subjects are visceral:darkness, prejudice, and anxiety are represented as eyes, holes and little girls, allowing the viewer to vicariously experience Stickymonger’s sardonic signification viewpointof human nature."

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117
Phone: (415) 487-9000
Email: Wootbear@wootbear.com