“Night Terrors Edition” of Super7’s THE WORST Available Now - As A Set or Individually!

The “Night Terrors Edition” of Super7’s all-original action figure series THE WORST looks to be the BEST colorway edition (IMHO, but of course the other editions are wonderful too lol), with this being the Full Color rendition of the characters - which in the past was available as a “Full Set”, but now you can purchase them individually (*Although why you’d NOT want the entire set, is beyond me LOL).

"The meanest villains in the known universe return in full color as the Night Terrors assortment! Batula! Black Falcon! Gas Phantom! Robot Reaper! Snake Tut! X-2 (The Unknown)!"
US$15 per 3.75" figure, or US$90 for a set of 6. And everyone comes packaged on traditional blister card with their own original Ed Repka art!

With “classic” horror monsters poised to become the new rag again (thanks to Universal Studio’s “Dark Universe”, starting with “The Mummy” feature film), I certainly hope “something” is palled for these guys, beyond them being “toys” though! An animated series would be quite the AWESOMENESS, methinks! IMHO, of course :)

Don't count on getting any sleep once the night terrors start ~ #theworst #super7

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