Tara McPherson x Kidrobot

I’ll update further info once they are revealed, for this coming Tara McPherson x Kidrobot figure!

The LAST time(s) Kidrobot had a Tara McPherson toy was 2012’s “Heart Of Gold” 20-inch tall Dunny (in two colorway editions) and 2 x editions of “Wiggle Land“ in the “Dunny 2012” series, and of course her all-original “Lilitu“ with Kidrobot Black. (All images via rotocasted.com). I only ever own “The Eyes Are Watching Dunny“ from the 2011 Kidrobot x SWATCH series tho, not from the lack of interests, I INSIST!

#throwbacktoythursday … that time when Kidrobot collaborated with SWATCH to produce a series of Dunny+SWATCH sets (circa 2011), and Tara McPherson was in Singapore to celebrate the launch of the Darkroom Army Gallery & Store (circa 2013) and a Cotton Candy Machine Pop-Up Store, and I was gifted this splendid set from Jackson Aw (now owner of @MightyJaxx), but had but only posted a sole image of, and never got about showcasing MORE of the item … and that remains the story for tons of toys and collectibles I own - constantly thinking of ways to showcase or preview them, when perhaps a straight-up presentation would work instead … and I am left with but "excuses" for my lack … and frankly they might not be forgotten, as I find myself surrounded by "failures" more than "triumphs", sadly so … thank goodness for #throwbackthursday, eh? HAH. And THANK YOU again, Jackson! And please forgive my tardiness ... :p BLOGGED #onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/1PVJStT

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