Third Stage’s DOGBIRD Series To Be Available from Mighty Jaxx from July 1st!

Introducing the DOGBIRD Series from 서드 스테이지 @ Third Stage (of South Korea) - featuring miniature pooch x bird hybrids with a hit of the cute factor! The line-up includes Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengdog - previously seen on display at toy shows, NOW to be made available on on July 1st! Available / Sold as a set of 4 x 3” tall vinyl figures for US$50.00.

Scroll thru for more peeks, including a video of their attendance in a 2016 fair in Seoul.

키덜트페어는 끝났지만 개발은 진행중- 디자인 초기에는 개새들에게 목줄(?)이 있었습니다. 길들여진 반려견 이미지를 주고 싶었기 때문인데요, 막상 마스터를 바라보고 있자니 아이들이 답답해 보였습니다. 그래서 여러가지 기획했던 부분을 전부 포기하고, 개새들을 자연속에 존재하는 야생의 동물로 놓아주었지요. 그렇게 위화감이 느껴지지 않는, 좀 더 상상력을 자극하는 모습으로 자리잡게 되었습니다. 이쁘쥬? 다음엔 여러가지 포기했던 기획들에 대해서 적어보겠습니다. 안녕히🐕🐦요 :) #개새 #개발 #ing #behind #story #서드스테이지 #thirdstage #키덜트페어 #mockup #character #design

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PRESS: "Korean design studio Third Stage, known for producing quirky characters, has definitely stepped out of the box with their latest creation. Initially released in Korea last year, these well-loved hybrid animals has finally landed on our shores!

The name Dogbird is actually a word play based on a Korean swear word!
Individually, the character 개 and 새 translates to dog and bird respectively. If you know your Korean, you will already know what the characters 개새 (pronounced gae-sae) mean…here’s a clue— SOB.

Despite its crude name, these adorable creatures are a sell-out in Korea and even has its own set of stickers available on LINE STORE!

This series of Dogbird featuring Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengdog, is bound to add life to any desk or home!"
NEW Series Coming???