TOYSREVIL Celebrates 20 Years of HARRY POTTER Magic

“HARRY POTTER” celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary (Monday 26th June marks 20 years since the iconic “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was first published / Source), and here on TOYSREVIL, we check out what TOYS adapts the students of Hogwarts these days (while POPCORNX features fanart instead!)

And while HARRY POTTER TOYS has not been on the top of folks’ production lists for years (last huge roll out was in 2010, when Medicom Toys offered up 1/6 RAH and Kubrick-sets), there is still some continued action, predominantly from Funko, with Pop!Vinyls and Mini Mystery Figures.

Seen above is a computer rendering by @kibooki of A EVIL CORPORATION (Designers for Funko’s Vinyl Idolz line) which really should be made into collectible figures! Instead, we have from Funko’s Rock Candy line an exceedingly cartoonized-version of students and witches.

There is not as much (officially licensed) product released these days, but one steadfast producer has been Star Ace Toys, whom have thus far produced MULTIPLE “Harry Potter”s in 1/6th-scale, thru different eras too! And the rest of the gang from Hogwarts are not left out, including Hermione Granger … You need to check out their catalog here OMG. Props to anyone who does a 1/6th-scaled DOBBY, innit?

A lil’blast-from-the-past with my kitbash of a “grown-up” Hermione Granger (above), and a 1/6th-scaled diorama of a “Wizard’s Workshop” (posted circa 2006), inspired by the first Harry Potter film - which was actually kitbashed before this blog even existed! :p

… seems you’ve been with me for far longer than I had expected, “Harry Potter”…!