US VENTURE Presents: F*CK EVERYONE* Signing With DIE ANTWOORD @ Sparks Gallery (July 20)

In addition to the previous announcement of the event and Paul Pope as one of the artists, South African rap-rave band DIE ANTWOORD joins the crew that’ll be apart of the THREEA US VENTURE EPILOGUE @ Sparks Gallery!
"On July 20th from 4PM to 5PM at Sparks Gallery Ninja, ¥o-landi, and Ashley Wood will be kicking it and talking shit, signing and celebrating the debut of the first ever Zef Comic – F*CK EVERYONE*!"

(Sleeve/Envelope and Comicbook Covers)

First ever Zef comic!
Written by Ninja and ¥o-landi
Art by Ashley Wood
A3 (11.7x16.5") Format
20 pages
USD $20.00

F*CK EVERYONE* is a limited edition A3 format (sized 11.7”x16.5") comic written by Ninja and ¥o-landi with art and design by Ashley Wood. Note: Items per person for the signing will be Limited. Stock is Limited.

Ninja also mentions on his IG that the 1000 print run of the comic will also come with a “NINJA STAR Flash Disc containing Special Surprize”, and as well a little clip from their ZEF TV SERIES! (Check out the animated clip featured below!). ALSO keep a keen eye out for Limited Edition N¥ 3A action figures! ThreeA has released tons of Die Antwoord toys before, so this will be a treat for fans of the TOYS! I’ll attempt to feature reveals and details when we have them!

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