Acid Rain Sofubi Project with GUMS Productions

UPDATED: Revealed (above) is the line-up for "VEGAN COMMANDER" - a new collaboration project from Acid Rain x GUMS Production (previously blogged), with this sofubi line featuring 9.5 inch tall articulated figures.

Kit Lau AKA AcidRain has since announced that GUMS Productions will be producing sofubi figures of his character creations! Hold in your squeals for the time being, and standby for further product and availability info, thanks!

Laurel corpse 💀

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WHAT IS ACID RAIN WORLD: "The Second World War ended in 1945 but it continues in a collateral world - the Acid Rain World. The endless battles all over the place have destroyed the civilizations and polluted the environment. Resources have become scarce because of the unlimited pollutions and total warfares. Humans continue the war hopelessly to seize resources for survival, they control the mechanic armour and weapons to fight and defend themselves to struggle for tomorrow in the Acid Rain World."

為了慶祝酸雨推出五週年, 會有一連串起動計劃,首站是與香港超人玩具合作推出Custom project,由於是Custom project,所以數量有限,售完即止。銷售方式請與超人玩具聯絡。之後的其他計劃會再公佈。 To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Acid Rain, there will be a series of special launches. The first one is the custom project with Hong Kong Superman Toys. The project will issue a special edition with limited quantity and offer valid while stock lasts. Check with Hong Kong Superman Toys for more details. Acid Rain Kit Lau Custom Project @Superman toys Items name: Super Skull Puppet 3.75" figure Details: Super skull puppet x1 Sniper gun x1 Packing with Signature and stamp Items name: 超級骷髏木偶 3.75寸人偶 Details: 超級骷髏木偶 x1 狙擊槍 x1 包裝: 簽名和蓋章 Check with Hong Kong Superman Toys for more details.

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"If you see a super skull puppet, run as fast as you can!"

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ACID RAIN WORLD is a creation of Kit Lau, which has since been producing tons of post-apocalyptical designed action figures and vehicles currently released under Toynami (See their catalog). You can as well view / read up on the World of Acid Rain on

I’ve always wished I could own an AcidRain figure (Blogged #onTOYSREVIL) but never really had the chance … maybe now I can bite the bullet? As again, we’ll await further announcements :)

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