ALLEY KAT by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx for July 8th Drop!

"To ease his unending hunger, Alley Kat will resort to any form of trickery just to snag a bite of food. Tread on the heels of Alley Kat as he crawls through the streets in search of his next free meal!"

Mighty Jaxx continues their toy-producing relationship with local urban artist / visual engineer Clogtwo with introducing "ALLEY KAT" (the first release of his “TOSHI NEKO” Series) scheduled to be unleashed online at on July 8th! Available in an edition of 200 pieces worldwide and priced at only US$40.00 per, the Alley Kat vinyl collectible measures 4" tall (Product ships in 4th quarter 2017).

Based on their (Clogtwo + Inkten) personal cats; “Naila”, “Lucky”, ”Yoshi” & “Yuki” - whom had previously met the public in various forms as “Maneki Yoshi @yoshi_the_utama” too!

"Meet THE TOSHI NEKO SERIES — a special breed of street cats dominating our urban jungle! This feline community is out to command and conquer every household and human in the city, crowning themselves as kings and queens of the castle.This clowder of cats have no qualms about their misdeeds, suffocating us with their cuteness and influencing our thoughts with their crafty mind games."

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