“Barbaric” by Oasim Karmieh in Blank Unpainted & Painted versions available now!

”…crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!” ~ and the only “lamentation” I’ll be hearing, is my own for not owning this!

“Conan the Barbarian” LIVES on here as a 10-inch tall figure (made of ABS, Metal, Resin, Grass, cloth, magnets) - designed and sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, currently available in two versions:

Barbaric painted version, priced at US$499.00 (Only 2 painted copies are available) … and the Barbric blank unpainted kit at US$99 per, limited to only 10pcs.

Pre-order will open till the 15th of August or until sold out. Orders will ship end of September 2017.

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The BLANK unpainted figure is a ABS and Resin kit, featuring 18 pieces to assemble.

"I am currently offering only 2 painted copies, Barbaric conan sculptures, each sculpture is handcrafted and hand painted with different type of materials from the leather handles on the weapons golden paper on the lion, real chains were used on the arms and clothing and finally the base has realistic mud and grass to give it an epic feel." - shared Oasim about the PAINTED version.