Blackbook Toy Releases: Poison Edition A Clockwork Carrot Lil Alex & Dim + UNCLE MC one-off custom by Marvel Okinawa

TWO slices of toy-release-news from Blackbook Toy today: featuring the return of Lil Alex & Dim from Frank Kozik’s A CLOCKWORK CARROT Series, AND a one-off custom from Marvel Okinawa celebrating the 4th of July Independence Day for USA!

"We, BlackBook Toy, are proud to announce the release of new colorway of Lil Alex and Dim from Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot series. (The) new colorway is called “Poison” edition. For the first time in the series from 2013, they (now have a) marbled cast treatment!! Classic orange and black combo came out pretty sick. Not only their heads, their masks are marbled cast too. Plus their accessory, Carrot and Milk bottle are marbled."

"These Carrots and Milk Bottles are combo of marbled cast and marbled paint by Chop of Monster Farm. We’ve (gone) through so many trials and errors to get these marbled ones!! They’ve got a clear casted body, so you can put them in their body.

As for their body, not just clear arms&legs, there are 2 more variants. One is extra BK paints on arms&legs and the other is extra BK paints and bone prints on arms. You can choose clear or extra BK paints, but can’t choose just extra BK paints or BK paints with Bone prints. As there are only 4pc each for Bone prints. Lucky 4 customers who purchased extra BK paints would be getting Bone prints. When you purchase 2pc&more from these Alex&Dim, you would be getting one of extra head for free."
A Clockwork Carrot Lil Alex, Dim Poison edition are each priced at 17280yen, and can be purchase online: Lil Alex / Dim … and head on over to THIS FACEBOOK POST for mondo MORE images of this dastardly duo!

Perfect item to drop on Independence Day!! Uncle MC one off by @marvel_okinawa . Marvel Okinawa has perfectly executed Uncle Sam on Ron English's EVIL MC!! Comes with MC-47 rifle and EVIL burger keyholder. Price:58,000yen S&H would be 3100yen(Asia), 4000yen(North/Central America, Europe, Oceania), 6700yen(South America, Africa) . We accept your entry by email for 24hours of July 4th(Based on time in LA). Tokyo July 4th 4pm-5th 3:59pm LA July 4th midnight -4th 11:59pm NY July 4th 3am-5th 2:59am UK July 4th 8am-5th 7:59pm Thailand July 4th 2pm-5th 1:59pm *Entries outside this period are all invalid. Please send email to  info at (Please change at to @) *Email Title: Uncle MC one off Lottery entry *Name *Address(Don't forget to include zip code and your country) *Tel *Item name *Instagram(if you have) Only winner would be a receiving email and PayPal payment request on July 6th(JP time). Payment must be made in 72hours. If we couldn't confirm payment by deadline, you would be banned from our online shop and lottery forever. 7/4アメリカ独立記念日にぴったりなアイテムの抽選販売を行います。アメリカを象徴するUncle SamをRon EnglishのEVIL MCに完璧に落とし込んだUncle MC. Marvel Okinawaによる超絶ワンオフ作品です。MC-47ライフルとEVILバーガーキーホルダーが付属します。 価格:58,000円 国内送料:700円 アメリカのIndependence Dayという事で今回はLA時間を基準に7/4の24時間となります。 応募期間は日本時間で7月4日午後4時から7月5日午後3:59までです。 時間外の応募は全て無効です。 ・件名:Uncle MC one off抽選申し込み ・氏名 ・住所(郵便番号もお忘れなく) ・TEL ・商品名 ・支払い方法(銀行振込、PayPal) ・Instagram(任意) を明記の上、 info (at) ((at)を@マークに置き換えてください) までメールにて申し込みください。 日本時間7月6日に抽選の上、当選者の方にのみ連絡をさせて頂きます。 当選後にお支払い頂けない方は以後当店の利用をお断りいたします。 尚、本商品には代引きは利用できません。 クレジットカードを希望の方はPayPalを通しての決済となります。 PayPal手数料として500円がプラスとなります。 万が一当選者のキャンセルが出てしまった場合は申し込み済みの方から再抽選の上連絡となります。

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"We, BlackBook Toy, would be dropping a perfect item for Independence Day, though we are not US citizens. We asked Marvel Okinawa to custom paint Ron English’ s EVIL MC. Here comes “Uncle MC”. He has perfectly executed Uncle Sam on EVIL MC!! Only 1pc made, so we would be having lottery sales.

We accept lottery entry for only 24hours from July 4th, based on time in LA. (Tokyo July 4th 4pm - 5th / 3:59pm LA July 4th midnight- 4th 11:59pm / NY July 4th 3am- 5th 2:59am / UK July 4th 8am- 5th 7:59pm / Thailand July 4th 2pm - 5th 1:59pm).”
Priced at 58,000yen per, check out HOW to enter the lottery sale here on, and go check out THIS FACEBOOK POST for individual images of “UNCLE MC”!