CHUNK 'THIEF' Edition by JimDreams x Unbox Industries for July 15th Pre-Orders!

The “Golden Arches” of Fast Food infamy has not just produced burger and fries thru the years, they’ve also left pop culture with characters such as “Ronald McDonald, “Hamburgler” and numerous others since adapted and parodied til the next glorious Rapture!

You might have seen JimDream’s CHUNK take on the guise-n-hue of the clown, the thief of burgers, the purple beast and the pink birdie at the recent “Hong Kong Combo Exhibition” in T8, Miraplace (which I REALLY want to feature on this blog :p) … and NOW, at least ONE of them will be put up for pre-orders online via!

On sale Saturday July 15th (BST: 14:00pm / HKT: 21:00pm / EDT: 9:00am / PDT: 6:00am / JST: 22:00pm) is the CHUNK 'THIEF' EDITION, with this 15cm tall soft vinyl figure priced at US$95.00 per (LIMITED ONE PER CUSTOMER). *No quantities mentioned tho…

CHUNK looks to be the PERFECT form to fit the “after effects” of eating TOO MUCH fast-food, and this is a real pop-culture-commentary to be had, methinks!

No idea if the clown and others in the gang of fastfoodfour will be released enmass as well, but nevertheless keep the spirt and dream alive!

"Chunk lives a carefree life by the sea. With sea breeze and booze as his daily does. Always having fun and live each day to the fullest!" ~ Jimdreams.