DKE Toys for #SDCC2017 on #ToyGeeks & My Personal Thoughts on #AppropoToys

“Appropriation” is one of the current bywords used in conversations in regards to a spectrum of the “Art Toy World”, where a “sub-genre” of independent self-made collectible toys are produced, particularly based on the non-licensed “appropriation of pop culture iconology” in said “Appropo-Toys(I just made that up, thanks).

It is a direct polar theoretical/spiritual opposite of “Original Created Content/Concept” (*OCC*), for which a number of creators-who-create-OG-content lament about openly, or in private* (*or so I assume no one has “opened” to me anyways :p) the state of Appropo-Toys exploding in “the scene”.

I personally for one am open, and (tho not “wholly”) embrace the concept of “Appropo-Toys(yes, I am trying to make that stick), and for the sheer wonderment and toy-joy of “variety”, for a sly-nod, thumbs-up, or even bird-flip to POP that we geeks dwell in, this generation or before! But that’s just me :)

If “OCC” is about capturing the attention of folks’ “imaginations”, then #AppropoToys appeals to folks’ “memories”, and I’m a real sucker for multiple trips down memory-lane, fhank you very much :)

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There are of course “Good” Appropo-Toys versus “DaFuq?”, but that is in the eye(s) of the toy-loving-beholder, I insist - as much as we collectively judge them, as we might too judge “OCC”s, in varying degrees of contempt, or of our personal aesthetic preference, in the first place, innit?

Buffered from mass-crass consumerism by the spirit of “low brow art” (“quick cash grab” vs “artistic expression”? Once it is sold for money, it cannot claim otherwise, IMO :p), said scene is vibrant unto implosion any decade now … but oooh, what a wonderful demise by toys it would be! Innit?

What? You want to live forever? Alas, all our toys will/might outlive us … so chill and buy some collectible toys, would’ya?! :)

But hey, nobody’d asked me to yak on about this, so I’ll just let these folks share with you folks instead - in the latest episode of “Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter” with the continued “Road To Comic-Con” - featuring Sarah Jo Marks from DKE Toys introducing their SDCC-Exclusives (which I’ve featured #onTOYSREVIL, actually) - all of which (except for one) are glorious "APPROPO-TOYS"! (Hey, at the very least it's become a new label/tag on the TOYSREVIL-blog, innit?) :)

Cheers and have a toy-jul new week ahead,