Erick Scarecrow’s MURAIDA Returns! … as a “mini”? #BRINGIT!

ESC Toy has teased an image along with the hashtags+word; ”#mini #muraida coming…#kaiju #esctoys”!

I would assume that ESC would be resurrecting their character “Muraida” unto a newly resized platform to match their 6.5” tall Little Liberty figures? #NICE!

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Designed by Erick Scarecrow, the MURAIDA had been his interpretation of an urban “kaiju” (Japanese word for “Monster”, initially coined in description to Ultraman villains) character creation, who was predominently a villain to the superhero “Dizign” in his “OSK” line (“Old School Kaiju”) - which saw the very first 10-inch tall “Muraida” vinyl figure released in 2008!

One of my toy-regrets of my earlier #toylife, was not owning one figure (of which I only knew-of / blogged about 4 Editions released) when I could afford them then … there’s something about an irradiated spray-can turned giant monster that was pretty cool! AND my Dizigns had needed someone to fight too!

But then again, I do miss that period of toy-dom, when "urban vinyl" designs dominated the landscape, before the advent of pop-culture appropriation :)

Hey I’d wanted “HATCH” too! I am of the believer that it is/are the villain(s) that help define a “hero”, as without them (not counting doing “superhero deeds”, of course), they are just folks “dressed” like a superhero lol

Sure, there was the ULTRA DIZIGN Super-villain to fight with, but tis always awesome to have a “kaiju” to fight lah! hahahahahaha ... Hey! Co e to think of it, wouldn't it be great if ALL the OSK figures make their "return" to the toy-world? It would be awesome to have when a mini-set of smaller sized figures, IMHO ! iWish :)

#erickscarecrow #mini #muraida coming...#kaiju #esctoys

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