GLAMPYRE Glow Glam & Satanic Spaceman Editions by Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery presents a new edition of Martin Ontiveros' GLAMPYRE (iHeart but don’t own any of them, toy-tragic, I know, right?) with the GLOW GLAM Edition scheduled to drop Friday, July 14th (at 12PM PST) on Now ANYONE would LOVE a “glowing-vampire”, right? :)

Priced at US$80 each, the Glampyre is cast in luminous glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl, and stands 8 inches tall (with articulation at the head, arms, wrists, waist, and boots) from a detailed sculpt in Martin Ontiveros' signature style.

And on that delicious toy-note, here’s a headsup for an upcoming series of hand-painted GLAMPYRE figures from Martin Ontiveros himself, destined for availability via TAG come first week of August. Mind you, this is hand-painted - unlike the previously released “factory painted” version (which was yummy by itself, to be sure), with THIS version showcasing a splendid silver-on-black, reminiscent of the KISS!

Only 9 figures of the SATANIC SPACEMAN Edition to be had, and they’ll be made available via LOTTERY! (*Prices TBC). Follow @toyartgallery on instagram for more info.

Meanwhile, here are some more snaps for you to whet yours (and mine) GLAMPYRE-lovin’ appetites!

Source: Toy Art Gallery