HEROCROSS for #ACGHK2017 (Booth A05)

Hong Kong’s HEROCROSS had been known to produce licensed characters - which included Star Wars, Disney and Transformers (where I even had a chance to review Optimus Prime!) - in their patented “Hybrid Metal Figuration” product line … so THIS particular video had me intrigued, as they have had since progressed into the realm of Original Content Mixed In with licensed properties!

「玩具TV新聞報道」香港動漫電玩節 ACGHK 2017 會場優先報道
Herocross booth A05

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Posted by ToysTV 玩具TV on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Here’s a quick run down of what caught my attention (and from my uber-limited linguistic skills in understanding Cantonese lor :p), which included "WARRIOR FROM THE JADE GALAXY" by Tik Ka From East (revealed here) - currently on display at Herocross booth A05 for ACGHK 2017 at Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre!

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*Mr Clement is making a figure with HEROCROSS! Would be really interesting to see an articulated Petit Lapin too!

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*“GAT GAT GONG” from MADNESS x WORKSUCKS, in Large and Small versions, priced at HKD $1499.00 and HKD $699.00, respectively.

This hairy monster first appeared in the opening of Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho-Cheung’s romance movie, "Love Off the Cuff”, and might be the protagonist for a possible tv series to be developed?

*ixDOLL’s Mui-Chan is crossing over with Carebears! Their multi-articulated BJD (ball-jointed-doll) Mui-chan has had numerous costume changes and cosplays thru the years, and now takes on the adorable bear-bear guise of licensed Carebears! Further product details TBD.

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The latest incarnation of Winson Ma’s “APEXPLORERS” sees two editions, featuring fabric clothes and a removable “gas-mask”! Further product details TBD.

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