Introducing MIX BADGER by Filter017 x Unbox Industries

UPDATED: Reveal of the 3 colorways of MIX BADGER!

Taiwan design brand Filter017 has announced the upcoming release of their new vinyl figure made with Unbox Industries - Introducing “MIX BADGER”!

And while exact release date and product details remain unrevealed, the price for this figure is tagged at USD:$75 per (TWD:$2,380 / RMB:$530 / HKD: $580 / JPY:$8,300). The image ad shown as well feature the figure (size unknown) in WHITE finish, so it would be interesting to see if the “white” remains, or if the final version will be in full color.

I’d recommend you to stay connected to Instagrams @filter017 & @unboxindustries for updates!

Meanwhile, scroll thru to find out MORE about the development of the character :)

The MIX BADGER first started life as an illustrated mascot for their lifestyle brand “CREALIVE OUTDOOR LAB”, in which the character “wore” apparels and welded accessories which were produced as actual true-life sized collections, and as printed images on said pieces, and printed collaterals, for which Filter017 had launched the annual theme in 2016, ”represent(ing) the concept of team independence and unity by this brand mascot, and create a series of new products.”

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(See the MIX BADGER product line from Filter017 on Behance)
"In this series of creation, Filter017 skillfully blend the 1950s and 90s American classic role, and re-interpret the popular contemporary image elements. Smoothly blending in vintage and modern design style, and expressing visual ideas with hand-painted way. There is full of fun and details in whether theme or style."

My earliest introduction to Filter017 was via their designs for adFunture’s YOKA and Mini-G-Robots - for which I did a Q&A with Enzo, Wen, and Nick back in 2009 too! Through the years, there’s been smatterings of toy news - like their POPCORN vinyl, but most times they’ve been deep into their design for apparels and lifestyle … and it is interesting to see them back in the “toy-fold” once again (so it were), having their very own designs made toy! Can;t wait to see what happens next for Mix Badger!

(Thanks for the headsup, Tim)

UPDATED: The Shanghai Limited Edition “Celadon” Colorway will debut at “Unbox & Friends” for Sofubi Shanghai Festival (July 8-12). Neither quantity nor price revealed at this time!