Jermaine Rogers for San Diego Comic Con 2017

New York-based artist Jermaine Rogers (interestingly) has a tagline “Live Suspiciously.” in his emails … and today, we share with you what is to be expected from his Booth #4532, come San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23), so any suspicions and speculations on what he’ll be offering, will be put to rest!

Alas, the ONE thing that’ll keep everybody in suspense, are the “prices” of these items featured here today!

For that, you’ll have to stay tuned to his Instagram @jermainerogersart and Facebook for (possible) answers :p

VEIL: SPECIMEN #72 will come in two editions: DERO-SKIN (limited to edition of 125pcs) and SHADOW (limited to edition of 300pcs). PRICE TBC.

A Prototype of the 10-inch tall "Veil: Specimen #72" ('I think I am losing my mind…') was first introduced at SDCC2015 and subsequently made available to toy distributers recently, after availability at various conventions … and now there’s TWO of’em? Collectors are in a treat!

VEIL: EAST is a NEW 10-inch tall vinyl figure, showcasing his VEIL bear-creature in “panda”-clors of black-n-white, AND with open paws (gotta lurve the nubby fingers LOL)! In an edition of 500pcs, PRICE TBC.

DERO CREEPING returns in a water-clear resin cast, with ‘SPECTRE” glow in the dark and limited to an edition of only 50pcs - with “limited amounts” released each day, starting Preview Night (7/19). PRICE TBC.

Sculpted by JRYU, there had been numerous editions of the (approx.) 7 inches long resin figure, and this looks pretty darn sweet too!

To round off his DERO/VEIL figures, as well there is a teaser for a NEW RESIN CAST, which Jermaine Rogers has prompted you to “BELIEVE”!

Jermaine Rogers collaborates with Special Ed Toys for THE CANDYMAN - featuring his illustration of a “Gene Wilder”-isque character touting dubious “sweets” - now in a FULL COLOR Edition (50pcs) and a “GRAPE” Edition Translucent Resin figures (limited to 25pcs only) to be made available in limited amounts each day of SDCC, beginning Preview Night (7/19). PRICE TBC.

"Who can take the darkest day and brighten it with joy? The Candyman can, that's who! For years, the Candyman created the tastiest of treats from deep within his legendary confectionary factory. But one day, in a rash and emotional act, he gave his factory away, along with all legal rights to the contents therein. Oh no! It wasn't long before the Candyman realized that he'd made a horrible mistake. Now, the Candyman creates his special candies from the basement of his suburban home. He wanders the streets in his CandyVan™, giving away sugary goodness to all whom he encounters. What joy!" 🍬🍫🍭😃 'The Candyman' is here and he's ready to spread his sugary resin goodness (please don't try to eat him) all over SDCC! This collab between the legendary @jermainerogersart and the terribleness that is @specialedtoys (that's me!) will be available exclusively at the Jermaine Rogers booth #4532 in two editions! The regular hand painted edition will be limited to 50 pieces with only a handful available for sale at SDCC and the exclusive 'Gluttonous Grape Edition' cast in semi-translucent purple will be limited to only 25 pieces with only a few available each day! 😦 So whether you're a well behaved boy, a well mannered girl or just a bad egg all around, be sure to run don't walk as soon as doors open because these are definitely going to go fast! 😘 *sculpt by the talented @doublegtoys *cards printed by @kmalone_chimera *original artwork and concept by @jermainerogersart *terribleness (and paint application) by me 🤘🏼#specialedtoys #jermainerogers #thecandyman #thecandymancan #willy #illustration #goldenticket #bootlegtoys #bootlegactionfigure #bootleg #bootlegart #resintoys #designertoys #toycrewbuddies #sdcc2017 #sdccexclusive #sdcc #comiccon #limitededition #qualitysoldseperately #theoriginalsince1983

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Also featured below are brand new Enamel Pins to be had. And again, PRICE TBC.