#playingwith Deadmau5 Mini Figures

Here’s a quick (re)look at a mini figure from “the past” (excavated over Sunday) - featuring Deadmau5 figures from EMI Marketing! Produced by OddCo from UK (they made Weenicons and Bad Taste Bears) - Series One first made it’s public debut in October 2010! And a Series 2 was released a year later in 2011. Shown here are one design from each of the series.

Some days I wished I'd gotten more #Deadmau5 mini figs when I could afford them... #toylife

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#Deadmau5 uncovered in today's #toyexcavation in the #TOYSREVIL HQ #toylife

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I had the opportunity to score these blind boxed figures at CSC (China Square Central) one fine Sunday flea market day, at one of the push-carts, years ago. The best part of it was, they were made available opened box! And while I cannot claim authenticity on these figures, I’l instead post images of the box text/labels (for your kind reference).

These days I wished I had snagged more of these (when I could afford to then) - especially the pinks and blacks! LOL … And I’m sure I had a RED somewhere in my hoard… “somewhere”…

They feel more ABS than vinyl (I am unsure of actual material make), and have zero articulation … but the form is interesting, and as well pretty sturdy … wished I had taken better care of these guys in my toy-hoard tho :p

To everyone else, Happy Toy-Hunting, ya'll!


#playingwith DEADMAU5 Mini Figure

##playingwith #Deadmau5 mini figures "excavated" this Sunday at the TOYSREVIL HQ! (WHAT: http://bit.ly/2u5vfkL).

Posted by TOYSREVIL on Sunday, July 9, 2017