#TheWalkingDead SHIVA FORCE 4-Pack Gift Box for #SDCC2017 & Art by Jason Edmiston

"This summer, we're bringing the SHIVA FORCE your way! Check out the super rad toy set coming your way just in time for SDCC! The Walking Dead Shiva Force four figure gift-box is available in regular color version and a bloody variant. These gift-boxes are limited to 1000 copies each and are priced at US$100! You can get them ONLY at SDCC.

(Keep an eye out for Shiva Force’s secret fifth member, Jesus! He’s only available in The Megabox from Skybound. Fans can sign up for the summer Megabox online now, at Skybound.com).“

I have been pretty intrigued about this 4-Pack Gift Set (featuring Ezekiel, Rick Grimes, Michonne, and Shiva), particularly as they’ve been packaged into a “G.I.Joe”-styled action figure, complete with re-designs! The single blister carded editions look phenomenal tho :)

What brought my attention to this slice of toy-news was via the ART of Jason Edmiston on the packaging, whom in turn had done the artwork for Super7’s SDCC-exclusive MOTU Carry Case! How awesome is that?

#ShivaForce package art by #Jason Edmiston (Images via @jasonedmistonart).

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*The artwork were also used us comicbook covers the “Tha Walking Dead: All Out War”!

#sdccexclusive issues 115-126 #gijoe all out war part 1 and part 2 variants #thewalkingdead #alloutwar #shivaforce

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"Skybound and McFarlane Toys bring you the most epic action figures of the summer! Straight out of an 80’s action flashback comes Shiva Force. This exclusive four figure gift-box features Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel and Shiva (action figure debut), featuring new Shiva Force paint deco. Each 5” tall figure is also individually packaged on a vintage styled card back with new painted artwork by Jason Edmiston."

@themegabox Yes, bloody! 😍😍😍 #twd #shivaforce

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