TO-FU RUN for DEVILROBOTS 20th Anniversary Exhibition @ The Peak Galleria, in Hong Kong (July 17-Aug 31)

To celebrate the Japan DEVILROBOTS 20th Anniversary, M's Production & Co. has co-operated with the DVRB team and DEVILROBOTS SIS to produce 20 pieces - each unique hand painted TO-FU RUN Polystone Art Sculptures standing 26cm tall - currently on exhibition at The Peak Galleria 山頂廣場, launched July 17th and exhibiting thru August 31st, 2017!

Scroll thru for a select few images (Individual images here on Facebook) of the exhibits on display on the 1st and 2nd floor, entrance is FREE!

Besides the 20 Polystone Art Sculptures, 3 life-size fiberglass TO-FU statues are also exhibited both indoor and outdoor. AND as well there will be a limited release of the TO-FU RUN "Mother" (at 50pcs) will be opened for pre-order soon at

Alas the festivities has since been marred with an extremely unfortunate incident: THE THEFT of one of the polystone art sculpts = TO-FU RUN "Mazinger”!

I have been told that the theft has since been reported to the Hong Kong Police, AND the crime noticed on the security CCTV. If you happen to be in contact with, or know of someone trying to sell this, please contact DEVILROBOTS SIS or M’s Production & Co. Please be warned that in no particular instance has this item been released to the public for sales, so be careful what and from whom you purchase this from.

Spread the image and spread the word!