#TOYLIFE July 3-9.2017

(Regular) “Toy-Excavation” has since begun last week, and I’ve come to realise that I have much more “mini-figures” than I had cared-n-dared to admit - and by “mini”, I’d categorise them as “less than 4-inches tall” - irregardless if they be resin-made, vinyl-made, ABS-plastic, art toy, media toy, or even Happy Meal toys! LOL

I've also recognised that in recent years, I've gravitated to smaller sized mini figures, not just because of the lack of display space at the TOYSREVIL HQ (ironically they take up a recent larger chunk of storage space now, relatively speaking lol), but primarily due to the affordability of ‘smaller’ toys!

As thy spending ability shrinks, so do the sizes of (most of the) toys I now and have since owned (true story, bro). Regardless of “market forces”, or the current “trend of toy culture” (“art” or otherwise) - simple economics dictate how my collections go forth in this stage in my toylife, or if I am able to survive thru this period with my existing “older” toy collection, to help tide me over this drought-dry toy-days, innit?

Beyond posting about them on Instagram and this blog, innit? Heh.

Past, present or future, I am grateful for whatever I have had owned thus far - be it ‘gifts from artists’, or ‘scored from toy-hunts’ and happenstance, all of them form my toylife and experience of toys, since even before I started the TOYSRVIL-blog :)

Although, I have to add; that while I might not be able to afford bigger sized toys now, it doesn't mean I don't want them! LOL #toylife

Cheers and have a toy-ful weekend!

Uncovered in today's #toyexcavation is this splendid colorway of #OMFG Series 1! #toylife #octobertoys

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FYI: “Toy-Excavation” is just a fancy new way to say “digging up toys from my storage” … with “storage” being a nicer-sounding term for “my dusty hoard”, fhanks :p