#toylife June 26-July 2.2017

This TOYSREVIL-blog started out over a decade ago as a “hobby blog”, where essentially I regularly showing-off/showcasing my own toy collections for a decent while - including daily toy snaps, and my Sunday scores at the local flea market (my fav part of the week, actually :p) - until I decided to scour the information cyber-highway (does anyone say that anymore tho? ROFL :p) and feature news both TOYS, and now POP CULTURE, then somehow my own toys took a back seat...

“A Toypix A Day” (TAGGED) was literally a toy-related “picture a day” sort of affair - most times in a series of images (*my own moro-series of story telling, if you will :p), some individual standouts, and everything else in-between! I do miss that aspect of the hobby, I admit, of being able to enjoy and share my toy-joy … and while I recognise that I may not be able to produce exceptional fancy visual images or photoshopped masterpieces, it was a wondrous aspect of the hobby that allowed ME too “play” with the toys, while taking a picture of them, ya know? :)

I would admit that post-Stroke, the joy of crafting a picture might not be as exciting as before (I am unable to go down on the floors to snap pics, for example ... i liked to "look up" at my toys :p) and might even be a chore some difficult days, but still, with the advent of the mobile-phone cameras, it was so much different that my rusty digi-camera from over a decade back too! LOL

Typical Singapore Chinese breakfast with #FriendsWithYou #eatlife #toylife #henglifesg

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Now that the daily fury of toy-news is winding down (*as folks take to their own social medias to ply their art, instead of emailing in news), maybe now it gives me an opportunity to get back to my “roots”, so to speak, to enjoy posing, taking, and posting pictures of MY TOYS, instead!

(Re)Introducing a weekly #toylife picture post - featuring Instagrammed pix of toys I’d taken - a wrap up, if you will, of a week’s worth of toys in front of my iPhone4 lens, filtered and sharpened for your viewing pleasures!

Some weeks may be bountiful, some weeks might be drought dry, but never let it be said I shall live another week again without toys - NEW or OLD!

Cheers and have a Fab Toy-Week Ahead!