US VENTURE EPILOGUE Opens July 19th @ Sparks Gallery

ThreeA Toys’ US Venture Epilogue opens July 19th @ Sparks Gallery, and we have a few snaps to share of artwork from Ashley Wood, Seattle artist Syd Bee (@Sydbeeart), and Siuyin (@DevilySiu) … who will be joined by William Wray, Paul Pope and Geof Darrow (Scroll down to view).

Exhibiting thru July 23rd, ”Over 100 pieces of original art will grace the walls, Exclusive Figures will be available for sale, and several new art books will make their debut. Displays will feature 3A collectibles figures from the past to the present, and a look at what’s in store for 3A's future!”

And let’s not forget about the “F*CK EVERYONE*” SIGNING WITH DIE ANTWOORD (previously featured) on July 20th (from 4PM to 5PM) where Ninja and ¥o-landi will be on-hand to release & sign their first ever Zef Comic … AND, are THESE the figures to be released???

Some of the drawings beginning the hanging #ashleywood #ashleywoodart #threea #usventure

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#ashleywood #ashleywoodart #usventure #threea

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Some of the prints that will be available at USVENTURE #ashleywoodart #ashleywood #threea #usventure #prints

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Finishing touches ✨

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Some large photos for venture 🗣 #usventure #devilysiu

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