Watched Netflix’s CASTLEVANIA - My First Impressions

WARNING: Visual Spoilers Ahead (Opening Sequence), but otherwise no story spoilers.

(Above banner image made by Spencer Wan, Animation director on Castlevania)

#Castlevania #anime Season One on #Netflix consists of 4 episodes, with each ep lasting 20+odd minutes each, totally approx. 80+mins (90 final???) worth of viewing time, easily digestible in a single sitting, and you would need that to get past the first two eps of scene, story, character Abd mood setting , with the action culminating in the finale, to get your blood truly pumped for MORE, which will happen in Season 2!

Decent watch, not hugely life altering, as far as vampire-flicks go, IMHO. Enjoyed it, but didn’t love it enough to go howl at the scarlet moon…

Animation was decent with anime aesthetics and some filmic sensibilities - all kicked up a knotch or three in Ep4 - not to mention an envigorating opening title ... And while I am unfamiliar with the video game franchise-story, it is interesting how the dynamics of this world works, and I do want to find out more, especially with the "twist" at the end ... Also, not much love for errant men of the cloth too, innit? LOL

Truthfully, I had expected more from writer #WarrenEllis, but understandably there are tons of adult gore and knobbly bits thrown in for shits-n-giggles, to keep you distracted, and I hold out for final judgement until the next season, when the REAL battle begins!
Or maybe I should have waited for S2 to happen, so I can binge them ALL with relish, instead of just a mild taste here... #iliketeevee


(*Above text written on my Instagram post right after the credits rolled on the season finale)

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Unknown said…
I liked it ok, but I feel it went over the top in depicting every religious person as a scumbag. Could there not have been at least one good nun or priest who was an actual character? This series gets really sanctimonious with it's anti-Christian preaching.
Bill Lowe said…
I totally agree about the anti Christian themes. Essentially Christians are portrayed as anti science with the priests embarrassing evil principles. Overall I like the subject matter and played the games, but stop the preaching of anti religion. It ruins the show!