Watching #OVERWATCH: New Character Trailer Nenodroids & Figmas, Collectible Statues & Tokidoki Collection

Besides being a video game, OVERWATCH is taking over pop culture! From animated shorts, to collectibles - high-end and affordable - and even a collabo collection with Tokidoki! TOYSREVIL has been watching “Overwatch”, and THESE are what I have seen thus far;

New DOOMFIST animated trailer, introducing a new character “Doomfist” (former TALON Leader) made by Wolf Smoke Studio (cheers to Polygon for the headsup), who had turned in a “anime”-seque short (They made the Bat Man of Shanghai for Cartoon Network in 2012), and no doubt giving fan-bots and fan-boys a taste of “What If Overwatch Was An Animated Cartoon?” … heck I have a “thing” very much enjoy their cinematic trailers!

On the action figure front (besides bobble-heads from Funko) - Available for pre-orders is TRACER in both figma and Nendoroid (previously featured) forms, and as well a previously introduced Nendoroid MEI, with Nendoroid MERCY revealed at the recent Anime Expo 2017 (All images via Good Smile). You’ve got to check in with your fav retailer(s) for these goodies, methinks!

Not into “toys” but “collectibles” are more your speed? There’s the 19-inches tall “D.Va” statue from Blizzard Collectibles to be had for US$450 per.

A “Casual” fan of the brand perhaps? How about the OVERWATCH x TOKIDOKI Collection? Caps and Notebooks featuring Tokidoki-rized characters printed on them, for your purchasing pleasure, launching July 19th. How long before THESE get made into toy collectibles???